Dean of Students

Office of the Dean of Students [three-fourths-first]

The Office of the Dean of Students was established in 2003. The core values and objectives of the office of the Dean of Students are:
  • To seek the welfare and interest of students in their quest to pursue tertiary education.
  • To instill discipline and patriotism in students of Wa Technical University for nation building.
  • To ensure the total development of our graduates for a sustainable livelihood and useful citizenship.
Vision and Mission The vision and mission of the office is in conformity with the overall vision and mission of the University. [wpdatatable id=4] [/three-fourths-first] [one-fourth] [/one-fourth]

Dean of Student Affairs

Kariyama Ibrahim Denka

Contact: 0507531241 / 0243247042

Email: / /

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Qualification(s) (Degree(s) / Education / Certifications)

HND Agricultural Engineering (Soil and Water Option), Tamale Technical University (formerly Tamale Polytechnic), Ghana

MSc Water Resources Engineering Management, Herriot-Watt University, UK

PhD in Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Jiangsu University, China



Dr. Kariyama has 19 years of university experience as a teacher, former department head, and current Dean of Student Affairs. He is a senior lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Engineering and assumed the position of dean of students in 2020. Dr. Kariyama is open-minded and committed to working with students’ leadership to leave a legacy. He has worked hard to instill discipline, transform the mindset of students for holistic growth, and instill the spirit of servant leadership. Dr. Kariyama is accommodating and welcoming and has gained experience and enjoyed working with students for the past three years.