Zievie Patrick

Engr. Zievie Patrick

Faculty:  Applied Science and Technology

Department: Building Technology and Estate Management

Staff Rank: Senior Lecturer

Contact: 0249516524

Email: zppat74@gmail.com / pzievie@dhltu.edu.gh

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Brief Introduction

I am a committed and result-oriented Senior Lecturer with over 20 years of teaching experience at leading Ghanaian educational institutions, teaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds. I possess excellent and appropriate practical, theoretical, written and verbal communications skills along with constructive and effective teaching methods that promote stimulating learning environment. I am able to work in a team and willing to learn from others.

Area of Specialization

Construction Technology, specializing in Materials and Structures



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Certifications/Institutions of Study

[1]. 2021: PhD in Construction Technology, AAMUSTED, Kumasi (on-going) 

[2]. 2013: MPhil in Construction Technology, AAMUSTED, Kumasi 

[3]. 2010: BSc in Technical Education (Construction Option) AAMUSTED, Kumasi

[4]. 2005: HND in Building Technology, Tamale Polytechnic, Tamale

[5]. 2002: Certificate in Education, AAMUSTED, Kumasi

[6]. 2000: Construction Technician Cert., Part 1, Tamale Polytechnic, Tamale

[7]. 1997: City & Guilds Advanced Craft Cert. (Blocklaying& Concreting), Tamale Poly

[8]. 1993: City &Guilds Inter. Craft Cert. [Block laying& Concreting),SunyaniTech. Inst.

[9]. 1991: NVTI Trade Test Grade II Cert. (Rural Building), Nandom Voc. Sch., Nandom

[10]. 1994 &1999: GCE O’Level Certificate (Six Credit Passes), Private Candidate

Professional Membership  

[1]. 2022: Institution of Engineering and Technology, Ghana (IET,Gh) 

Research Interests

  1. Production of alternative structural designs and materials for cost saving rural housing
  2. Sighting and recording indigenous construction practices


  1. Best Paper Presentation Award – West Africa Built Environment Research (WABER) Conference, University of Ghana, Legon, Accra, 2015
  2. Academic Excellence Award – Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GhIS), March, 2006
  • Best Student Award – Building Technology Department, School of Engineering, Tamale Technical University, Tamale, 2005