Strategic Plan

The University developed a strategic plan to guide its operation with the vision to become “a world class centre for applied technology and providing career-focused education for rural poverty reduction and national development”. The five thrusts of the strategic plan are:

  • Training, Research and Innovation
  • Human Resource Development
  • Physical Infrastructure Development
  • Expansion and Application of ICT
  • Financial Resource Mobilisation and Management

The Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University is a Government Institution devoted to providing quality tertiary education through offering three-year Higher National Diploma (HND), Degree and non-formal short term programmes
and courses. The University aims at becoming a leader in providing courses in a variety of subjects areas using competency-based learning, especially in engineering, applied science and technology and management to meet the
needs of business and industry, the service sector and society at large.

Core Values

  •  Quality
  • Equity
  • Transparency
  • Team spirit
  • Innovativeness
  • Environmental sustainability

Motto: Knowledge, Application and Service